Did you ever want to see cats and dogs star in a Tomb Raider trailer parody? Well it’s 2018 so now your dream is a reality.

As SYFY Wire points out, a trailer was released to promote Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the latest video game starring long-running heroine Lara Croft. Fans had the genius idea to recreate the trailer but with an upgrade: replacing all of the characters with adorable animals. A dog assumes the role of Croft, who’s off to rescue a puppy in distress. A hairless cat plays the villain, which will probably make feline fans annoyed. However, the cat pulls off the look perfectly.


I did enjoy the way doggo Lara Croft took care of Evil Cat’s henchcats, using a ball of yarn and a laser pointer to their full potential. And using the Roomba, or Toomba in this case, was the ultimate trump card.

Photo credit: YouTube