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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Michigan Humane has revised its vet clinic procedures effective immediately. Please read them HERE.

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Our highly trained receptionists are always happy to help you in any way possible. Feel free to give us a call or stop by anytime with your questions and we are happy to help!

Welcome Area
Our Welcome area has plenty of space for you and your pets to be comfortable while you wait to see one of our highly trained team members. The TV plays pet-related information while you wait.

Our exam rooms are equipped with everything needed to make your visit more comfortable.  For your convenience we have the ability to get you checked out in the exam room if your pet gets too nervous to be around other pets in the lobby -please just ask.

Treatment Area
This is our treatment area.  This is where a big portion of our day is spent.  We do anything from preparing your pet for surgery, to a simple blood draw for a heartworm test.   Also, if you have a sick or injured pet we keep them in this room so we can monitor them closely.

Surgical Suite
The surgery suites at the Michigan Humane Society Veterinary Centers are equipped with the most up to date equipment to ensure that your pet will have a safe surgical experience. Surgeries are performed in a sterile environment and the doctors are masked and gowned just like in human hospitals!  We also have devices which monitor your pet’s pulse/respiration, oxygen levels, ECG, CO2 levels, and body temperature throughout the procedure. Anesthesia is monitored by a qualified veterinary technician.

All of our veterinary centers have comprehensive in-house laboratories which means same-day results for you and your pets.

Digital Imaging
All three of our veterinary facilities are equipped with digital x-ray and digital dental x-ray for small animal pets.  This means that we are able to take high quality images of your pet and easily share the images electronically per your request.

Dental Suite
We pride ourselves on educating pet owners about dental care and dental disease prevention.  We will work closely with you for the best outcome for your pet.

Our dental suite is equipped similarly to a human dental office. We have digital dental radiography and computerized dental charting software to track any changes in your pet’s mouth. Since our dental patients are treated under general anesthesia, we customize the anesthesia protocol to fit the needs of your pet.

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