College football season has officially started, which means another year to watch a good dog on the field like this one for New Mexico State.

As SBNATION shares, NMSU kicked off their football season this past Saturday (August 25) against Wyoming. While the Aggies were routed 29-7, that’s not the important story here. The spotlight belongs to Striking, a border collie who retrieves tees after kickoffs. Please observe.

Striking has been on the NMSU roster since 2012. Yes, I recognize the dog as part of the team’s official lineup. He is the successor to Smoki, another border collie that NMSU utilized for games until he was forced to retire due to old age.

Fans will recall another famous doggo at Boise State football games, a black Labrador retriever named Cowboy Kohl.


A famous football dog closer to home is Zeke the Wonder Dog, who entertains Michigan State fans with his Frisbee-catching skills. The Spartans are currently on Zeke IV, who trained hard to earn that title.


We don’t deserve dogs.

Photo credit: @cjzero, Twitter