Spotify is now letting you curate a playlist for your pet. The streaming music giant also released not-so-surprising results of a study they conducted on how pet owners use music with their companion animals.

Spotify included 5,000 users from the U.S., U.K., Australia, Spain and Italy in their survey. They discovered that 71% of participants play music for their pets. Other interesting facts include:

  • 8 in 10 pet owners believe their pets like music
  • 69% (nice) of owners sing to their pet
  • 57% of owners dance with their pet
  • 55% of owners think their pet likes the same music as they do

According to the study, classical and soft rock are the top two genres that pets prefer. Bob Marley, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Bowie and Ozzy are the top five artist-inspired pet names.

Spotify users can head to and enter a few details about their pets. You can choose between a dog, cat, hamster, iguana or bird. Sorry fish and rabbit fans.

Spotify’s algorithm will then figure out what your pet’s playlist should be based off of their personality and your listening history.  Below is my dog Greg’s playlist card.

 Spotify pet playlist for dog.

Need an animal to go along with your playlists? Check out our Adopt a Pet page to see all of the animals available to adopt at the Michigan Humane Society.

Photo credit: Spotify