Robert is a sweet puppy who came into our care with severe chemical burns and malnutrition. He spent time in two different foster homes and received extensive medical care at MHS before he was ready to be placed up for adoption.

Robert’s story was featured in our “e-newsletter” (sign up on our website to receive it!) and his first foster mom sent us a note about her experiences fostering Robert and her last visit with him just before he found his forever home.

You can learn more about our foster program by clicking here.

I was thrilled to read the newsletter about Robert’s rescure I received today!

Last Friday, I found Robert on MHS adoptable dogs’ list with pictures online and realized that he returned to Westland from the second foster parent.

We visited Berman Center on Saturday morning, and the staff kindly let us see Robert again.

We spent some time with him at a “Get Acquainted” room there one last time.

He became a gorgeous young dog, and his fur fully grew back.

When I saw him, I almost cried.

He was so thin, only 8.2 lbs, when he was with us, but I lifted him up in my arm like I used to before, and he was sooo heavy, and I couldn’t keep holding him long – he gained weight and became so healthy. No one could imagine he got severe chemical burns when he was a puppy.

Now he is just a beautiful, handsome dog!

Just hours later, I found that the his picture was removed from the adoptable dogs’ list and knew that finally he had been adopted.

I am so grateful that we could have a opportunity to foster him and be a part of his great story. I just hope Robert will have a great life ahead he definitely deserves!

Thank you to all of our wonderful foster parents who make our lifesaving work possible!