We have great news about Meatball!

With the single goal of doing right by Meatball, we are happy to share that today, through the collective efforts of the interested parties, an agreement has been reached to make Meatball’s foster stay with Karen Cameron of Bed & Biscuit Pet Lodge into his forever home.

I’m proud to say that under the agreement, MHS will transfer Meatball’s ownership from Eastpointe to MHS while simultaneously coordinating his adoption by Karen Cameron. By legally becoming Meatball’s owner, and without ever removing him from Bed & Biscuit, MHS will have secured the quickest route to keeping the dog where we know he is already loved.

Since Meatball was the subject of an animal cruelty case (he was evidence), the reality of “leaving him where he is” was more complex than it appeared. His placement could only be permanent if legal processes were followed and completed. MHS’ efforts, behind the scenes and through its legal filings, were critical to resolving these issues in an efficient and legally appropriate manner.

MHS had been working towards today’s positive outcome since day one. Moreover, we maintained the integrity of our position regarding Meatball, despite opinions to the contrary. Sadly, during the last several days, another organization irresponsibly and unprofessionally used social media to mislead many of you.

I’m reminded of a quote by Mark Twain, “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”

The facts are this:

  1. MHS always had Meatball’s best interest at heart.
  2. MHS did not actively work to remove Meatball from foster care while collaborative efforts were determining his permanent home.
  3. There was never any intention to bring him back to an MHS shelter.
  4. MHS worked professionally and quietly with prosecutors, Eastpointe officials and legal counsels for ALL parties with one end in mind: keeping Meatball happy and healthy.

When an animal’s well-being is at stake, the professional response is to request clarity on an issue and attempt to contact the involved organizations to ask for as much. This did not occur. Instead, misleading and false information was published and MHS was unfairly discredited.

What’s more, these actions did not help Meatball, nor did they help Bed & Biscuit. Rather, they caused confusion among officials involved in the case and animosity within the advocates who should have been walking alongside one another. The real loser could have been Meatball. Fortunately, he got the second chance he deserves.

We all understand the power of social media. We know it can have a positive impact on animal welfare. But in order to have that impact, we cannot blindly accept what we read as fact. I ask for unity among animal welfare advocates and professional organizations. So much more is possible when we speak as one.

– Matthew Pepper, President and CEO