Humane Education Lesson Plans for Pre-K to 2nd Grade

The Michigan Humane Society continually strives to be a leader in teaching humane values to students of all ages. In an effort to assist humane educators, we have made available standards-aligned lesson plans, reviewed by the Michigan Board of Education. Lesson plans may be downloaded for free in an easy-to-follow manner for teachers or youth groups. Lessons may be used for a full week of instruction focusing on humane values, spread throughout a month, or used as a theme.

Lesson 1: Kindness Toward Animals
Lesson 1 Overview
A Week of Kindness – (Spanish) – (Arabic)
If I Were an Animal – (Spanish) – (Arabic)
Venn Diagram  – (Spanish) – (Arabic)
What Do We Need – (Spanish) – (Arabic)

Lesson 2: Domestic & Non-Domestic Animals
Lesson 2 Overview
Animal Cards
Who Lives Here – (Spanish) – (Arabic)

Lesson 3: Pet Care
Lesson 3 Overview
KWL Chart – (Spanish) – (Arabic)

Lesson 4: Animals Have Feelings
Lesson 4 Overview

Lesson 5: What is an Animal Shelter?
Lesson 5 Overview
Types of Shelters – Worksheet – (Spanish) – (Arabic)
Types of Shelters – Answers – (Spanish) – (Arabic)

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