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Michigan Humane Society President and CEO Matthew Pepper was eager to hit the streets with MHS’ Cruelty Investigation Department. Matt has an extensive background in animal field services, animal cruelty investigation and law enforcement training and is steadfast in reinforcing our commitment to provide the programs and safety net needed for the underserved animals within Detroit.

Through a series of critical programs that include animal cruelty investigation, emergency rescue, veterinary care, sheltering, adoption, free pet food bank, low cost wellness programs, sterilization initiatives and more, MHS is providing first hand care for more than 30,000 animals each year in the city of Detroit. These community challenges are significant but thanks to the generosity of many, who make this work possible, there is great hope.

“The best place for your animal is at home, inside, next to you. If that can’t happen, then you have to provide a positive environment for the animal. We have a lot of resources that we can help you with. The truth is, if you have an animal, you have a responsibility. We’re here as a resource for this community to make the lives of the animals that we share our lives with better.”

– Matthew Pepper, President and CEO