Delilah Drowning

Delilah was trapped in a water filled basement foundation. We don’t know how long she’d been treading water, but when we found her, her belly was distended with water she’d swallowed and her nails were worn through the quick to the point of bleeding. She slept for days, but when she was fully rested, proved to be an amazingly sweet soul. After being fostered in the Cruelty Investigation office for a couple of weeks, she was adopted by a young couple with a big yard.


That was seven years ago. Recently, we got an update from Delilah’s family, who have since had three children. Delilah is doing well and is dearly loved by her family and is a great sibling to the kids who have grown up with her. We love hearing stories from adopters years later about how their animals are enriching their lives, and hearing about Delilah – who was so close to meeting her end in a much different way – reminded all of us at MHS why we do what we do!