The Michigan Humane Society values all animal lives, big and small, furry or scaly, and ones that say “moo” instead of “bark” or “purr.” Under the direction of the Michigan Humane Society’s Statewide Response Team, four calves have been rescued from an unhealthy environment in western Wayne County.

Last month the Statewide Response Team received a call about four calves who looked underweight. As an extension of Michigan Humane’s cruelty and rescue services, our Statewide Response Team aims to assist animals outside our normal jurisdiction, as well as support the local authorities and agencies working to make animal lives better in their communities. The team deployed to the location based on the complaint and were able to rescue the calves and move them to a safe environment.

These calves came in with an upper respiratory infection, diarrhea and were underweight. Each calf was given an exam with our medical team and all are currently under medical care. Michigan Humane is happy to report the calves are now active and eating well. When the calves are healthy they will be placed with an organization or private adopter where they can live a long, happy and healthy life.

“The Statewide Response Team’s purpose is to assist in situations like this, ones where our knowledge and experience can support our community,” said Debby MacDonald, director of Statewide Response. “In this instance, our expertise with animals of all types and familiarity with Michigan law were the key components in rescuing these calves and offering the opportunity for a better life.”

The Statewide Response team has three different levels of assistance it can provide:

  • Train and support local law enforcement and animal welfare organizations on a variety of topics
  • Advise and provide additional resources for animal-related issues, including hoarding, dog fighting, cock fighting, and animal abuse/neglect
  • Deploy teams and supplies in the event of a national or local disaster

If you are concerned about the health and well-being of an animal outside of Detroit, Hamtramck or Highland Park, call the Statewide Response Team at 313-262-4022. Animal related concerns inside that area should be reported to Michigan Humane’s Cruelty Investigation and Emergency Rescue teams at (313) 872-3401.

Photo credit: Valerie Bennett, Michigan Humane